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virtual bool OVKeyCode::isFunctionKey (  )  [inline, virtual]

isFunctionKey If any function key is pressed, the function keys include the Control key, the Alt key, the Option key, and the Number lock. In most cases, the Input Method software only handle the keyboard events when these function keys are not pressed, because the combination of a function key and any other key often represents an application hotkey or system hotkey, and you should let the applications to take over the control of the keyboard events.

If any function key is pressed, it returns true, else returns false. isCtrl isCtrl isAlt isAlt isOpt isOpt isCommand isCommand isNum isNum

Definition at line 255 of file OpenVanilla.h.

References isAlt(), isCommand(), isCtrl(), isNum(), and isOpt().

        return isCtrl() || isAlt() || isOpt() || isCommand() || isNum();

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