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virtual int OVInputMethodContext::keyEvent ( OVKeyCode ,
OVBuffer ,
OVCandidate ,
) [pure virtual]

keyEvent Handles the keyboard events. The keyEvent function is the core of an Input Method module. Tt is called every time when a key is pressed down, and you should decide what to do to react with this key by the implementation of the keyEvent function. You can use the OVBuffer object instance to control the composing buffer or commit characters, use the OVCandudate object to decide the content of the Candidate list window and the window should be shown or not. You can also use the OVSerive to do text conversion, or make alert sound or show notify messages.

keyCode The recieved key code.
buffer The shared composing buffer object.
candidate The shared Candidate list object.
service The shared OpenVanilla service object.
It should return non-zero if the event is "processed" by the IM context, 0 if the event is "rejected" or "not processed."

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