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OVBuffer Class Reference

#include <OpenVanilla.h>

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Detailed Description

An abstract interface for the pre-edit and composing buffer. Most Input Methods require a pre-edit and composing area. That means, If your Input Method needs to use several keys as components to compose a character, like most Chinese and Japanese Input Methods and so on, you can use the pre-edit buffer to display the components by calling the append() method to append a component to current content of the buffer, and call the send() method to send the content of the buffer to the current application.

Definition at line 273 of file OpenVanilla.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual OVBufferappend (const char *s)=0
virtual OVBufferclear ()=0
virtual bool isEmpty ()=0
virtual OVBuffersend ()=0
virtual OVBufferupdate (int cursorPos, int markFrom=-1, int markTo=-1)=0
virtual OVBufferupdate ()=0

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